Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is box and tale gift boxes?

A: Width: 21cm; length: 25cm; height: 10cm

Q: How many items can you fit inside the box?

A: Customer decides the contents of the box, so the number varies. However, we recommend 3-5 products from our selection inside the box

Q: How long does it take to complete a box?

A: The whole process from your order to the shipping takes about 1-7 days, depends on the complexity of the personalization (please allocate 1-2 days for delivery time)

Q: How can the customer estimate the arrival time of the gift box?

A: Customer can adjust the arrival time by inputting the expected arrival time in the order form. Box And Tale will ship the gift box accordingly (disclaimer : arrival time may be late if the courier experiences the unexpected, please allocate some spare time and input the exact address to avoid lateness)

Q: What kind of delivery service will Box And Tale provide?

A: Box And Tale provides delivery service through courier services which range from JNE, J&T, Gojek, Grab, and Uber

Q: If the box arrives and the contents are messed up during deliveries, what is the needed action?

A: Before shipping out the boxes, Box And Tale will give the customer a picture of the assembled and completed gift box. If the unfortunate happens during deliveries, please arrange the products as photographed in the picture

Q: What if the customers have other questions that need to be answered?

A: For other inquiries, please reach us through line@ (@boxandtale) or email us